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  1. Turtle Wax GL All Wheel Clearner 500ml

    Turtle Wax All Wheel Cleaner is a unique Neutral wheel cleaner that actively turn red as it cleans brake dust. The Non acidic formula will not damage alloys, decals or wheel nuts, and can be left for much longer on wheels that aggressive acidic or Alkaline based cleaners Learn More

  2. Turtle Wax GL Bug & Tar Remover 500ml.

    • Removes bugs, tar and tree sap from all paint finishes. • Run resistant formula. • Does not strip wax. • Suitable for all surfaces, including paint, glass and trim. Learn More

  3. Turtle Wax GL M.A.X-Power Car Wash 2.95lt

    M.A.X- Power Car Wash increases pH-cleaning power when more formula is used to clean even the toughest dirt. • 3 Levels of cleaning power. • 100 ml- Moderate Clean, gently lifts dirt and grime. • 200 ml- Aggressive Clean, removes bugs,dried mud & salt. • 300 ml- Xtreme Clean, removes brake dust & sap. • Completely Safe for every exterior surface. Learn More

  4. Turtle Wax GL Power Out Odor-X 500ml

    •Power Out Odor-X eliminates odors caused by smoke, pets, food, spills and more. •Will not leave residue. •Keeps car fresh for 30 days with and invigorating new car scent. •Exclusive Odor-X Technology removes odors at a molecular level. Learn More

  5. Turtle Wax Headlight Lens Restore Kit

    Turtle Wax® Headlight Restorer combines the ease and speed of liquid restorers with the effectiveness of restoration pads to restore headlight lens. Lightly yellowed or oxidised headlights can be restored and headlight clarity improved with proper use of this kit. • Improved headlight effectiveness increases driving safety. • Kit includes restoration pads and required components. Learn More

  6. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish All Weather Spray Wax 500ml

    Perfect Finish Spray Wax contains water soluble waxes and silicone's, so can be used on wet surfaces straight after you have rinsed. Adds a durable high gloss & protective shine whilst drying. Should be used with a microfibre drying towel.Our hardest ever finish that withstands the most extreme weather conditions - the results of 70 years of continuous innovation. Learn More

  7. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Valet Kit + FREE Boot Bag

    Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Valet Kit consist of the basic products one needs to keep ones vehicle clean and protected where ever you are.This valet Kit comes with a FREE custom made boot bag which has space for roughly 12 products, so you can grow your car care kit as you need. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish is our hardest ever finish, that withstands the most extreme weather conditions - the results of 70 years of continuous innovation. Boot Bag Kit Consists of : Boot Bag Perfect Finish Shampoo 500ml Perfect Finish Weather Guard Wax 300ml Perfect Finish Matt Interior Plastic Protect 300ml Perfect Finish Weather Guard Tyre Gel 300ml Microfibre Buffing Towel 40cm x 40cm Tyre Sponge Applicator Learn More

  8. Turtle Wax Refine&Shine Clay Bar

    • Turtle Wax Refine & Shine Clay Kit provides the ultimate finish preparation for wax or polish. • The kit contains a Clay Bar Lubricant and a 100g Clay Bar. • It creates a smooth as glass finish on all paintwork, fibreglass and metal surfaces, and increases the depth of shine when waxing or polishing • Does not contain harsh abrasives that can scratch or scuff the finish. Learn More

  9. Turtle Wax Softtop Roof Kit

    • Cleans and protects all types of soft top material. • Removes dirt and stubborn stains. • Revives the appearance of soft top material. • Protects and preserves natural and synthetic materials. • Leaves a water repellent finish. • Minimises the spread of mould and mildew. Learn More

9 Item(s)

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