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  1. Turtle Wax Big Orange Wash 5l.

    • Contains the natural cleaning power of Orange oil Learn More

  2. Turtle Wax GL M.A.X-Power Car Wash 2.95lt

    M.A.X- Power Car Wash increases pH-cleaning power when more formula is used to clean even the toughest dirt. • 3 Levels of cleaning power. • 100 ml- Moderate Clean, gently lifts dirt and grime. • 200 ml- Aggressive Clean, removes bugs,dried mud & salt. • 300 ml- Xtreme Clean, removes brake dust & sap. • Completely Safe for every exterior surface. Learn More

  3. Turtle Wax GL Streak Free Wash & Wax 1lt

    Turtle Wax has developed it’s latest car care range which offers a combination of proven technology and clever formulation provides exceptional results that are clear to see. • Cleans with minimum effort. • High gloss water repellent finish. • Streak Free Finish. • All types of paintwork. Learn More

  4. Turtle Wax HyperFoam Cannon Shampoo 1Lt

    Turtle Wax HyperFoam Shampoo have been developed to give the highest foam capability from a foam cannon. The Hyperfoam offers :• Sensational foaming • Strong cleaning formula, which breaks down and removes dirt, road salt and tough grime •PH Neutral soap wont strip wax when washing • Leaves a high gloss finish. Learn More


    • Concentrated wash, suitable for glass fibre and aluminium boats. • Removes oil, grease sea salt residue and grime Learn More

  6. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Showroom Shine Shampoo 500ml

    Perfect Finish Showroom Shine Shampoo has a rich concentrated formula, full of active detergents and rinse agents for a spotless streak-free finish. The rich fresh scented foam lifts dirt and grime keeping it well away from your vehicle’s finish. Our best ever clean – the results of 70 years of continuous innovation. Learn More

  7. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Valet Kit + FREE Boot Bag

    Turtle Wax Perfect Finish Valet Kit consist of the basic products one needs to keep ones vehicle clean and protected where ever you are.This valet Kit comes with a FREE custom made boot bag which has space for roughly 12 products, so you can grow your car care kit as you need. Turtle Wax Perfect Finish is our hardest ever finish, that withstands the most extreme weather conditions - the results of 70 years of continuous innovation. Boot Bag Kit Consists of : Boot Bag Perfect Finish Shampoo 500ml Perfect Finish Weather Guard Wax 300ml Perfect Finish Matt Interior Plastic Protect 300ml Perfect Finish Weather Guard Tyre Gel 300ml Microfibre Buffing Towel 40cm x 40cm Tyre Sponge Applicator Learn More

  8. Turtle Wax Zip Wax 1 ltr

    • The Turtle Wax Zipwax Super Concentrate Wash & Wax is an easy to use car cleaner. • Simply add a capful into a bucket of warm water and wash your car as normal. • 1 litre bottle for up to 60 washes. • Leaves a brilliant streak-free finish every time. • Concentrated for extra cleaning performance. • Provides a Turtle Wax shine as it washes. Learn More

8 Item(s)

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